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04. Grow

As leads of potential customers start pouring in from various quarters by implementing the Marketing strategy as devised in Step 2, we start comparing and analyzing the results of all channels in which we are investing time and money to generate leads.

At this stage, we assess the results obtained from various marketing activities and also check the quality of leads generated from each channel, which helps us in tweaking our strategy to optimize results, both, quality-wise and cost-wise.

We scale up our efforts on resources giving us the best results, and at the same time stop or reduce our activities on channels through which we are not getting the desired results.

In this stage, we do the following:

Analyzing results
of all marketing channels

Comparing quality of leads
obtained from all sources

Calculate the cost per lead
from all segments

Increase inputs where we
are getting optimum leads

Stopping or reducing inputs
on poor performing channels

Setting up proper
Lead Management System

Creating funnel of leads
for follow-ups and closures

In this Step 4 we strengthen and scale up the lead generation process which was set up in Step 3, along with optimizing the cost per lead, and then create a lead funnel, so that you regularly get good quality leads of prospective customers.

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